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Friday, May 2, 2014

I thought I'd never see Khatyn again.

For the folk who are unfamiliar with modern history on the other side of the globe where fascism did not plow their land as they were overseas here is what Khatyn is known for in wiki article.

Do not forget. Never forget. This is not humane and if you think this has no place in modern history you are mistaken. I though it would never happen and it did happen yesterday. My heart cries from what I saw on youtube today looking at documentary taken in Odessa. Documentary has a lot of people who are organized and violent. These people got caught on camera a lot and all over youtube making molotov, using it, hiring young girls to do molotov mixing and smiling like it's great fun, people using fire arms at people trying to escape the fire and the shooters are wearing Ukrainian flag colors in fascists manner on the same arm at the same exact spot. Who have seeing this once, who's people were once targeted by them never forgets how it looks like. Fascism does not change, has no nationality. No matter how many years have passed it comes back with same horror.
At least 41 anti-government activists have died in a fire at Odessa’s Trade Unions House. Some burned to death, while others suffocated or jumped out of windows, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry reported 31, then the numbers increased. The building was set ablaze by pro-Kiev radicals. 160 or more wounded different reports have different numbers.
Odessa is now before May 2 and after. Let us not forget this horrible day. It should not be forgotten among politics and ambitions. This is when the lines get crossed. I want to cry to all of you, YOU MUST STOP!
During second world war when Khatyn has burned and many other places there were nukes yet. Memorial at Hiroshima is still standing, did anyone forget? I hope you did not. In war III there will be no survives, there will be no one. My heart is bleeding today, my heart cries today.
Whoever want to see what I saw go on and put in search
одесская хатынь
Images are graphic in those videos. There were women and children there.


  1. Yes too many times we forget the past!

  2. I have been thinking more on the matter, and the sad thing is after any war, The problem is how do we prevent it from happening again. these violent people needed to be taught and follow the true teachings of Christ and that includes family and children from the home. After the war all people get lazy with true principles and even in America to where we are in no financial state to help liberate any one, we all everywhere have became selfish and vain, and forgot to love one another, as predicted. The only hope is to start teaching to Love one another, and pray. And if things get better people need to take steps to prevent this, by getting to know your neighbor and choosing healthy activities for the mind and body. Those children throwing the bombs have parents and where are they? Why was not pictures shown to people 10 years ago? Why were people not interested in good healthy things then?

  3. You are right. Hatred gives birth to more hatred. Modern Ukraine got some things done about 10 years ago in attempt to re-write the history. According to them Bendera is a hero, Babi yar never has happen and Bendera OUN-UPA folk never were part of any of the massacres, Nuremberg trials had it all wrong and so on, no OUN-UPA has touched Polish, Jews, Russian, Belorussian and whatever else nationality, Babi yar never was, never has happen. Here is wiki on Babi yar for example
    One thing that remains is the particular accent of those folk from last century auxiliary police. It's the same accent that is coming from ultra-right radicals in Ukraine.
    That's how the teens got to believe the re-written history among other things. Their parents were growing those children. Hatred gives birth to more hatred. and we see the bloodshed.
    People are not interested in healthy things because young are easier to manipulate if their education is manipulated and if the information is fed to them. It's not a news thing in human history.

  4. Yes, I forgot the old lets rewrite history thing, we call it "sweep it under the rug" like it never happened. I used to think people did this because they could not live with the truth of how barbaric their ancestors were and so they pretended they were not! It is easy to hate and harder to be good in life, unless we remember and listen with our hearts. It is nice that you remember and maybe someone else will here you and glad your words come from Russia it is nice to know :)many hugs from Carollyn

  5. History is re-written to reach certain goals. Always was. And breeding the population without well rounded education and breeding the population so the general public tends to go towards entertainment versus thinking helps.
    The words are written from America actually. IN US I already did the scan on how the free press writes about what has happen in Odessa.
    Immigrants of 1-st, 2-nd, 3-rd waves already got used to this kind of a thing. Press writes what men in power want. In USSR it was same, so folk who come to America and looking for freedom loose rosy glasses in a month give or take. They see what is here is quite the same, man in power have different last names. And that's about it.
    Finding truth about the history of ones family requires research, collecting information, digging archives and so on. Many immigrants here have tragedies in their family history and those are remembered quite well, if there were survivors that could tell.
    Many went through Red terror, Gulag, repressions, ethnic cleansing, concentration camps to name just a few. In the immigrant communities we do not have to go far to find any of it.
    Press here in America id not mention ultra radicals in the Ukraine, it's not what the man i power want right now. They forget that the history tends to repeat. They pay radicals in Afghanistan to reach some current political goals, those breed the population that knows how to hold a gun and grow drug producing plant on large scale (aka opium) they get the consequences in that many years as the bred population did grow - our buildings get b;own up. Do not forget 2011, that was not that far.
    When radicals start breeding the population the do not breed it for piece. Some have ideas that money can control anything. and that is true to certain extent.
    Our politicians here seem to be not any more selective learning history than ones in USSR. They should remember where USSR politician did go. That's right, they got replaced. It seemed the trend in history. Counties and empires that abuse their currency whatever it is tend to go away and several centuries of human history so far confirm this trend.