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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Memory of Igor Korneluc and Anton Voloshin

Today 2 journalists were killed in Ukraine.

without words youtube memory video. Their weapon was camera and words. Someone in Ukraine seems to be very afraid of journalists.

They were killed by nazguardia mortal fire , they were making video about civilians leaving Ukraine in Lugansk region. 3 mortal mines were fired into them and civilian crowd. All on camera and the video got out on internet. Among with many others our media in America does not show us and represents it as there are only terrorists running out there and there is no one else. Nazguardia and ultra-right nazi oriented armed forces shoot civilians and journalists. Just couple of days another team of journalists was captured, beaten, interrogated, and thankfully released under international pressure. Ultra-right and nazguardia do not separate who do they shoot and it has being going for days. What kind of terrorist is 7 years old child, or 5 or 10? What kind of terrorist is their mother? Is the wold completely gone crazy or people want power so much so human life does not mater anymore? Because Rostov, Krasnodar, Voronezh, Belgorod and many other regions are flooded with refugees from Ukraine.

My own distant cousin escaped from Lugansk region, her elderly parents decided they sent just her because they have nothing left to even be able to leave the region where nazguardia fire is a usual daily thing. The horror stories are plentiful. And it seems like there is no end of it. What was their fault except of being of Slavonic or Jewish descent? Why is it their houses are marked? Why is it they are hunted?

What kind of country is it if derogatory nationalistic statements towards anyone who is not Ukranian are a norm? Imagine what would happen here in US if someone would be daring enough to call n-word a black American and how fast that person would be... say removed from the office at work and fired? Right. In the Ukraine the equivalent of n-word is moskal for Russian and zhid for Jewish. And that is how now these nationalities are addressed on streets, at work if there is any, on tv, 'who is not jumping is maskal' is famous. We here in America do not see any of it in our news. Is it too embarrassing when we have president of color to show how other minorities (if over 50% is a minority) are treated in the country where our politicians are quite regular visitors? We do not in our news see phosphorous bombs being used there, we do not see hospitals bombed and they do not care if they shot a mine right into maternity ward.
What kind of country is that if the Ukranian minister of foreign affairs is on camera swearing f-word at the president of another country and the ambassador of the Ukraine in that country is next smiling quite agreeably?
That is just a small thing compared to tens of thousands refugees, daily dying civilians and the bombed towns have bearing crews who walk around the town and pick up and try to identify the dead civilians. They do not count victims, they do not count wounded, they do not count starving elderly because ATO shot water and power stations and keeps shooting so these facilities are not repaired. No one talks on our news about houses being marked, and it has being happening a lot. New Ukrainian president seem to make no effort regarding stopping all this bloodshed.
Journalists are being targeted at this war like no where else. They are hunted down and ATO nazguardia got themselves on camera talking like that. What kind of country is that?
There is no region in Russia now where there are no Ukrainian refugees who are just people running from war. Are they terrorists? It sounds like they are if I listen to Ukranian minister of defense talking about filtration camps for everyone including women and children. That has happen before. Re-writing history helps to forget. I believe they should not. As their grandfather's generation is the one that was sent for fascists concentration camps. Concentration camps built 10 years prior to that in Galichina are not something these people like to re-call. What kind of country is that?


  1. I am afraid that I am not sure where my presidents allegiance lies. about two weeks ago he traded five high level Taliban terrorist, for one american man who appears to have left the U.S. army as a deserter. Then went out of the country to avoid the American public! He seems to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. "Saying one thing and meaning another" I feel the people of the world are looking at a man that is ushering in the Apocalypse and they don't seem to care. Looks like pride goes before the fall. We need to pray for all who suffer and stand for the right.

    1. It seems that to kill journalist is what it takes cnn and some others to put some news article. and still it seems to have a lot of negativity in those reports. People are dying, civilians, and very little care about human life, what kind of politics need to be added to that? My distant relatives decided to stay in Lugansk because they can not transport out of there elderly (in 80-th) grand parents, the grandpa of their family can not be transported by a sedan car, there is no trains that are safe anymore, no tickets, buses with white flags are shot, there is no humanitarian condors promised by the president. They simply can not leave them as the sick starve to death, too much mortar fire, volunteers can not get to everyone. this is the face of war in that country we never see in news. And whoever has micro bus or suv get shot as well. One of their officials is declared terrorist just for that alone, transporting sick, women and children under fire. One of micro buses was shot last week. They still get some out with the one they have left. Just through one access point at Russian-Ukranian border over 10000 refugees came yesterday. and that is just one place. Cities that are bombed have 500miln and more civilians. There is a lot of civilians there under fire. Most refugees are women and children. They are running from mortar fire. A lot of family members stay behind to care for those who can not leave the region because there is no safe passages and for example with my relatives grandpa in their family can not walk, there is no one to carry him many kilometers on foot. and civilian groups like that simply mortar and gun fire targets.
      Donbas is industrial heart of Ukraine. The region was getting only 5% of taxes back to develop their economy and infrastructure, the rest takes Kiev to subsidy poor aggressive western regions and their own corruption in the government. That, ethnic cleansing, pogroms our news in America seem to have no knowledge even if videos are public on internet, war crimes and any more are the reason of what is going on today in that country. That is the face of the war in that country. people simply want to live without bombs fling on them. It is a lot about aggressive nazi oriented from western regions of the country taking over the government. One can to look at embassy attack in news or Maidan events, or Odessa. These attackers are organized, very well organized. There is a lot of aggression going on there. It is a bloody war that seem to be going and going. Now these nazi oriented powers have heavy weapons. Who is next for them? Their leaders have long going plans. They will not stop just at east-south regions of Ukraine the use burn all the land tactic on. They express no plans to stop. They do not know how to build economy well, otherwise their native region was not such an economic disaster. They know quite well how to destroy others from what I see in videos that get out on internet about them.

  2. That is not on the news here at all and yet it is a war. On the news here they are sending special troops to help Afghanistan, and yet I think all it will do is get them killed, for it is not enough and I feel the enemy is undefined. This sounds like the bible were it say's " Wars and rumors of war" It is a frightening time and one must ask God what to do for your household and loved ones. The "Spirit" must guide now especially since they are killing reporters, there seems to be less and less physical communications to guide people. We must never forget who has ultimate power Heavenly Father and he can control all things. This is what I do when and I feel there is no where to turn and I try to remember is when times are good so my household is prepared, in good times. I wish I could say or do more for your horrible situation you are in. I am praying for you.

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    2. Just saw Jen Psaki comment refusing to express condolences to families of killed journalists and making comments that they were not with civilians. it is something like 'excuse you...'. unbelievable... to hear this kind of comments from state official stuff...