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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Washing fiber... Orenburg goat down plus kirkland soap = nice.

wash, wash wash, and then some more....

these benefited from rinsing water... its blazing hot +39-40C (aka over 100F) and fires in the mountains, just today another one has started, close... very dry, very hot. I dumped the water out the biggest tub into my raspberries, ti was gone like it was not even there.. very hot very early this year.

just re-using re-usable gray water, I washed with costco eco friendly dish soap. turns out it does better job than down original and I do not have to chase the store that has that soap on sale, costco has it at very reasonable price, it cleans well, and the gray water is reusable, non toxic.
It works with Orenburg goat down very well, I did send some washed fiber back home to process, washed with that, now they are asking what did I use, they like how it did turn out. costco eco friendly dish soap for washing goat fiber is approved :), got the feedback from Russian which is very much positive.
This line. one on the right is the dish soap I used. I used it on fine wool also. I like it

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Russian Empire: experiment

have to see some things.. what if the yarn is.. thick as birds milk candy (птичее молоко).
I do not know... but here it is blocked

relatively fast knit :)... 4 days from the blank piece of paper to completed...
here is a project
 do I want to put chocolate color on it ... or leave as is I did not decide yet.