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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hand spun yarn and yarn winder

In this post there is some hand spun yarn
Here is the same yarn plied. With high speed yarn winder it turns out that the ball core (necessary for goat down yarn not only to the ball from collapsing, but to set the yarn also) should be different in comparison to smaller yarn winder (where paper towl roll core works if some elastic is added to the ball winder bobbin so the core does not slip when the yarn is wound)

the ball will be lover on the core. the core is constructed of 2 pieces of paper towel core cut in the middle (length wise) and taped a little at the top so it does not fall off.
When the ball is done I pulled the cut pieces back together and have moved the ball gently and carefully about  1.5cm from the core bottom.
this much. the core is positioned like it was wound.
Now, stabilizing the leader:

and the core of the ball close up
when all set and done, I moved the sides of the core wider so the ball is tighter from the inside and taped them carefully so I do not disturb the ball itself.
Ito the wet baby blanket it goes to set (I do not use wet hot set in our dry climate, my grandma did not use the hot set for goat down yarn either, we just used longer set time).
Traditionally a different kind of round bobbin is used to wind the yarn (basically a piece of carton, a circle and one will wind the yarn on it by hand, white or like above non colored paper or carton, ink is not your friend in the wet yarn set situation).
I did similar set with the ball winder, seems to work fine. however I do like nostepine (well... I just use that paper towel roll as is) type of winding somewhat better. This particular yarn winder does make not so tight ball on the edges, less tight that I like personaly.

It is about 1/2 of the spun yarn plied.

More green - adult shawl is done

I did recycle some cashmere yarn, and a small shawl for 188 inch doll was done first
here is adult shawl off the needles. I seldom show unblocked shawls. stay tuned watch the butterfly to dry it's wings and reveal itself :)

here is the blocked shawl
the light is slightly different downstairs, so the day light color and the flash light color came out as different shades of green.

oh, dolls, that's right, forgotten the group picture

Edit: new dress. I needed something dark and modern. This is what is called in Russian "цельнокройное платье"

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Just for dolls: simplicity. Pattern preview

The second shawl from Simplicity is done. The yarn spun and plied, the shawl is knit. Very simple warm kerchief, traditional. 2-color gray. Orenburg goat down hand spun yarn, light fingering weight (makes nice warm item).
Here are some photos. The second shawl in Simplicity duo is curved modern shape. It is a sampler for the adult shawl

The warm shawl goes to my kiddo to produce the halo. Yes, Orenburg warm shawls halo with wear. Will see it in a month or so :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Spin, play dolls, try some shawls

I did spin some Orenburg goat down  for several projects.
And I also got a white dress for 18'' America girl and alike  like doll. Made in China, but surprisingly ok sewing job, seams are finished with the serger. It is bit tight fit on AG so, and I wonder if it will fit looser on a different 18'' doll, AG are somewhat wider.

So some of this yarn will become doll shawl sampler, and some will be Fleur de Grace series r another one... I'm still deciding, did not ply the yarn yet as you can see from the photos below.
so let us begin:

what do we have here from left to right... silk to ply with, plastic N6 container (not goot for cooking but good for spinning rig part), 2 holiday boxes, bottom row as 21cm Orenburg spindles with down singles, 2 30cm spindles have down single and silk (upper left corner) reeled, last spindle on the right also has Orenburg goat down single, but it spun thicker than the other fiber in the photos and the intention of this is thicker doll item, as you can see there is not a lot spun for this separate project. Lighter gray down - more than one project and I have more of this color to spin, so there is no shortage of yarn in the house if I need more, I'll spin more, that was my weekend work and some during the week.
Plying... one can ply directly single and silk on the wheel , there are tips and tricks to it to avoing the doawn single "runns" over silk and bacicaly creating not desirable art yarn type an effect, not desirable in the shawl that is, i would make not exactly desirable yarn for the particular application, for some other project that type of yarn is quite usable, but that's not what I'm making.
Rigs: want to avoid "running" over silk, reel the 2 together and make it nice and tight.
One can do it like so

that's wher first holiday container becomes useful. Another way of controlling the spindle with the singles is this
taller plastic container (or glass or ceramic)

if one decides to use wheel and ply of the spindle this way, positioning the spindle like so may help
that's where the second holiday container becomes useful, one can attach a small elastic band to keep the top from rolling around too much.

Now.. the yarn when it will become some shawls will add to this set. I did play with white dress and different shawls and different looks a little bit. Learning my doll model. I do not know what is this exact doll, but will find out some time, so she does not have a name yet

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Simple shapes colored

In simple shapes I have a curved shawl
Here is the gradient look (tester Taulin)
so it's coming and the pattern lays with Aade long 1/8, Kauni, Yarn place Graceful, Zuberball and some others produce similar long gradients. Adult shawl takes about 550m of yarn. The matching shawl for an American girl 18'' (45cm) doll  is in 120m range, so shorter gradient yarns can be used there to produce the similar effect.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Simple shapes for dolls

In this post about simple modern shapes there is an adult version of the shawl that teaches Orenburg gossamer teeth. Modern shape makes the "knit teeth only' drill lss boring.

This is the doll version of the same,

one can play with the look

and more is comming :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

More green

Some time ago I posted about re-using cashmere and winding such yarns

here is another re-use go green thing. containers.
Recycled x-mass boxes from a photo studio make very nice yarn containers. Yogurt container with a hole in it's top made with a knitting needle makes a yarn container.... you know if there ia a cat that likes to play yarns (which I do not have) or a toddler that sometimes likes to play a cat that plays yarn... or whatever the reason to keep the yarn clean...

PS: here is the finished doll shawl.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Doll shawls 2

So.. there was a question in one forum, do I have more doll shawls...
I suppose. Just can not decide which one do I like better at the moment...
or like this

Do I like it here

Or maybe this

Do I have doll shawls...  We used to call it 'пупсик" , this size doll, like mini american girl version.

Or maybe this is better

Nope, I can not decide :)

Do I have doll shawls? I suppose I do :). And I suppose I like it too :)