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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Winter retrospective

It's being 1 month of winter. Mostly like this: no snow, so leaves were used as cover, mane bags collected from near by places, many free drop off because folk would be changed for that as trash.
 Clean leaves were dropped off, good for me, good for others. Here is old tree and new replacement.

 It is something that has never happen before. Green perennials and roses in December.

 And bushes.
 Sky show

 Older mulch (4-6 years old is used to cover leaves)
 Row covers working, rare snow.
 Wood chips drop off oh-oh... that's my dry creek end... very long dry creek that takes run off from large concrete driveway (more think of ok parking lot size... several houses in our subdivision have it like that... ) and top part of the property and the street... because the property is lower than the street we have all flood ditches, they run by the side of the property... but that water does fit horse fences in our case. So I redirect as mush as possible into the property and slow down that water because large horse fence and driveway fixes are very expensive. and risk of flooding something like a garage or other structure is no good either, that's why that dry creek is very long... it dumps it in front of the orchard and except of the trees in deep mulch no structures, so that's good
 got that cleaned up and moved it for chickens to mess with. Older hens are molting and ugly... that one is nearly rumpless
more of them
 More sky show, we have that in autumn and in winter. so pretty
 Christmas time mock green house.
Christmas trees

Cooking corner: Winter food :)

Some winter foods. This kind of a thing is a summer thing... 65F in December... I do not know... some believe there is no climate change... Here... there is.

These are more typical for winter dishes. Grains, cuscus, mushrooms, winter squash, home wine.

Soups, goes in jars... and not :)
 Winter bread
 Raw packed soup getting ready to go in
 processing like so by these
processed meats
 winter squash
 Gotta have it :)

 Stock staples

Soup and stock in jars...
Different kinds.... Here is 4 types of stock.  Are we ready for winter. yep. :)
 Winter classic. Cabbage lacto-fermentation


Sunday, December 24, 2017

White Christmas

We have White Christmas. After all the dry times there is snow.

 From my gardens

 And tracks. Fox.

 greens under row covers and lights

And newest raised garden