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Friday, April 27, 2012


Veil. belongs to me.

shorter shawl in more casual setting. this an be used as a medium veil (150cm) or long veil if it's hooked to the hair piece.

and here is a link to one of the videos about these shawls. minus factory heaviness pr it is not a bad video. has one of very good spinners and knitters in it

Upcomming patterns: 4 seasons series. Summer symphony.

The summer symphony. It's a duo.
Warm triangle


coming soon. look for them at
Tester's feedback - it's Dmitry Shostakovitch I was hearing knitting this . Here is one - the romance, and another - the second waltz.

Russian Lily Designs surprise stole. Part 6. Mirrors

Итак время настало для 6-й части "по просьбам участниц".

Смотрим в зеркало. Для получения симетрии 6-я часть это зеркало самого начала ромбов - части 3. Эта часть завершт ваш последний медальон. у кого-то 2, у кого-то 3,4,5.
Here is the Part 5. Mirrors. Part 6 "looks at the mirror" of part 3.
This part will complete your last medallion. someone made 2 (min), someone 3 or 4 or 5.

Итак, вы уже догадались, правило симетрии - зеркала - мы подходим к концу пути и часть 7 будет также зеркалом. Начало и конец, замыкание круга.
S you have guessed, right... the rules of symmetry, the mirrors ... we are coming to the end of our journey. Beginngin and the end will come together and we will complete the circle.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Setting wheel in ST for cobweb yarns

Matchless cherry. Set in Scotch tension. For cobweb yarn spinning. ST is very loose. the only thisn about it "it's there".
This is how I set the wheel with the new MOA.

the yarn is plied and off the bobbin, there is nothing on the bobbin except of the leader.

Once when I was plying yarn rather fast and it was a longish session... at one point my other Matchles got somewhat hard to treadle... what has happen? It turned out that I had a black build up, small amount near the orifice, from the metal-to-metal contact. So the front part of the flier was pretty warm to touch.
Removed the flier, cleaned and re-oiled everything. All fixed.
I did not look at the orifice side at first I thought maybe something got caught in the wheel some place else.
Hope that will help to troubleshoot some treadling to someone else.

Re-oiling the bobbin-flier when spinning gossamer: I clean and re-oil every time I change the bobbin for lace weight. when I spin fine gossamer re-oil and clean the bobbin more often, I like it very clean to have it very smooth going.

Maybe alter I'll add  some photos for the Matchless with the old MOA and SR in ST for the gossamer yarn spinning...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Russian Lily Designs surprise stole. Part 5. The repetition and the learning.

Итак время настало для 5-й части "по просьбам участниц". Повторение мать учения.
Часть 5 похожа на часть 3. Вывяжите часть 5 а затем повторяйте часть 4 и часть 5 чтобы получить несколько ромбов. Вы уже догадались что будет в части 6? полный ромб.
Рекомендуется вязать 3, 4, 5 ромбов в зависимости от того какой длины вы хотите получить ваш шарф. минимальная длина- 2 ромба. Те кто хочет вязать 2 ромба не булут повторять части 4 и 5. Те кто хочет вязать 3, 4, 5 а может быть и больше ромбов - повторяете части 4 и 5 после вывязывания чати 5 столько раз скольро ромбов вы хотите сделать.

Here is the Part 4. Russian say "the repetition is the mother of the learning" if I translate the common saying.
Part 5 is similar to part 3/ Knit part 5? after that you can repeat part 4 and then part 5 to make more diamonds. The minimum length is 2 diamonds. In this case one will not make any repeats of the parts 4 and 5. you can make 3,4,5 or maybe even more diamonds on your scarf. did you quess part 6 now :)?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Russian Lily Designs surprise stole. Part 4. The shawl language.

Итак время настало для 4-й части "по просьбам участниц". помните времена конца прошлого века когда на компьютерах появились визивиг-редакторы?
Here is the Part 4. Do you  remember a wiz-ee-wig application (editor) first time it was available on a computer?
Понравилось тогда?  А здесь то же самое. Язык шалей - это визивиг дизайн шалей. Как в старину вязали с платков и фотографий, как сейчас вяжут. Это язык дырочек. положите вязание (особенно у кого светлое) рядом с точечной схемой.
 Liked it? Same kind of a deal is here. The shawl language is the wysiwyg design language. You draw what you will knit. simple. The language of holes.
Put the charts next to your knitting.

Давайте найдем кого-нибуть из участников, вот например у taulin (линк на ее пост ниже) подходящее фото белое на синем одеяле.
no color. better look for someone who does it in white.
let's see some of the CAL participants on
oh, here is one on dark background. from user taulin
 и обесцвеченая схема
and one colorway chart

Итак часть 4. Now Part 4
и детальная развертка
and detailed.

и визивиг :))
and wiz-ee-wig :)

С наступающей Пасхой!

Happy Easter!

PS: there was a question about how do I hold the yarn, fine yarns to be exact. nothing too special, like great-great granny, granny and before them in the family. The yarn is my hand spun, goat down-silk 2-ply
ПС: меня спрашивали как я пряжу держу, просили фото в другом ракурсе. Ничего особенного, как прабабушка, бабушка и до них в семье. Пряжа - мое прядение, пух с шелком.