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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Autumn harvest continues

large X pounds zucchini ans full box of summer squash sort of look tiny next to these...
That what does happen when one mixes BTE lasagna and keyhole garden...  Do not do it :)

These 2 orange round ones are from BTE over concrete.
Some of the pumpkins are also from BTE over concrete

Tomatoes are getting pulled
 like so. I asked to pick all :) it was taken literally we will be freeze or near the freeze this week at night. Will see how that goes. With the dehydrator and several good recepis for green tomatoes not like I'm sorry for any of it
 More... I have these all over the house now
 more in dining room...
 in dehydrator :)
 and living room too...

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Autumn harvest in older garden, aka gluts...

Autumn... yeah... that looks familiar. Caning tub.

those are 2 quarts aka 2 liter jars... need to get more of smaler ones, pantry is ... lacking free space now
that's where these went... 

and in here

And we did not get to other stuff ... these... they will overwinter :)
 sunchokes patch is replaced by asparagus, better to say sunchokes were finally booted from this spot... almost, there is a stray between the row :)
 yep, right there in the corner.

these are carrot volunteers.
 nursery bought survivor pepper
 chinese artichokes, kind of like mint but has quite interesting root, edible, small tuber kind of  a thing
 rhubarb and others...
 sunchokes by the side of the garden. 100% passive, no irrigation.
between tomatoes section

Where were sunchokes booted?
 here... and they are height of the shed...

we are heading toward the freeze... can freeze in couple of days in fact. nights in 40-th are here.

 the jungle :)

 slightly claustrophobic :)
 and with the seed tomatoes
 Well... did not pick all yet...

 Clearly I have vegetables problem :)

Autumn, new gardens updates

BTE over concrete mound, keyhole and spiral are in full swing.

Mound does well. Having what's in it it produces a lot, borrage in the center now is in full bloom and will have lots of seeds to drop. I seeded 2 more mounds with borrage, if mice do not get that... :), I now have a helper, bull snake baby moved in. It lives next to another sunchokes cluster and has lots of logs to hide in and tree bark and lots of wood chips in there and soft soil to dig a nice den and mice, lots of them.

 BTE over concrete mound garden
Sunhcokes now keep the wind out of the rest of the mound and prevent erosion if any would happen... it's mulched so there is no chances for that. Sunchokes are not irrigated, it's clearly runoff and whatever rain was there.

closer look, I do not prevent fungal activity on these at this time of the year, it's getting close to freezing an I'll have hard time lifting these monsters as they are

they are getting tall and start blooming, bees are happy about it.
 pumpkins I et to grow out, I just lead the wines so they are spilling from the mound between sunchokes

 some are still blooming, they will not o anything, maybe something small
 these I suspect either banana squash-pumpkin cross of pumpkin I do not remember what kind was it...

I have plenty strawberry to use that as ground covers in here now... some of the babies will go on the mound and will see what will that do
they are almost as tall as orchard trees... folk in the community thing these are bushes...

I have sunchokes in many places, I moved them out of the garden, or I thought I did... that one ended up in between the rows.
Sunchok in old garden... I did cut it back a lot, it was a bit of a monster...
 autumn garden means more greens
sorel second autumn crop is coming, it was cut flush 2 weeks ago, over 80 pounds of that greens...
 new onions are up of walking onions, we get 2 crops a year
 greens mature, maybe I'll seed more

I did not even go in there yet... jungle it is, they are spilling over 6 feet.

 Hawthorns are setting berries nicely

 Keyhole garden:

keyhole harden I let the molds to take on the vines and dry them so my banana squash matures
 someone was digging there for something...
 armenian cucs after the harwest
 keyhole garden on decline, we supposed to freeze now or in 4 days, but we may not...
 they only get bigger, it's time to let the fungi to dry the wines and do the autumn job...

Spiral garden 
Spiral is filling in, zucchini and cucumbers, and patypans and... have my work cut out for me...  

 Some floral close up from my spiral, many bees are not loving the cloudy weather, but I'm ok with that

Windblock is growing.