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Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking for the name - design preview

СI'm looking for the name for this shawl. ravelry folk voted for 5-circle gossamer. the modern crescent came down to second.
Here it is
Name is needed in English.

Planned January release.

Here is some inspiration for you...
Don Cossack chorus
Очи Черные


Friday, December 28, 2012

Spinning comfort zone

Spinning comfort zone for a wheel... does it exist...
left small ball  -  Shetland supreme, right small skein - regular cobweb.
Looking for a portable wheel that would help spinning this in a comfort zone, meaning in here neither wheel or fiber are pushed to their limits, they are placed in a comfort zone spinning.
Can it be spun finer - the answer is yes. did you have a case When you choose not to spin finer?
Because the other yarn feels more right. Fiber is white goat down for ones who is curious what is it.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

About design once more

Orenburg shawls... a ravelry member asked a question about a rather simple pattern from a wester designer. The pattern name is Russian Lace Scarf to Knit.
The pattern itself follows it's own path. Not Orenburg lace tradition. It's not done in traditions of Russian lace construction when it comes to it. The pattern does it's own lace implementation and the method of construction. However the question of the ravelry member was to me as she has started her very first Orenburg style lace scarf. The question was about
"Row 2 and all even-numbered rows” knit, working k1,p1, into each YO twice wherever there is a yo twice in the previous row."
That somewhat picked up my interest to look at that pattern closer. Later more details in the quotes from the pattern was provided, at first I thought the designer used a look of a Russian snowflake and made it using some of Shetland elements that can look similar to Orenburg lace (both are geared for gossamer threads) and executed differently when it comes the the lace elements themselves, some of shetlan lace elements do have double yo in them from some of the books I've seeing about this kind of the lace.
It the follows it's own path in the lace execution, neither Shetland or Orenburg it seems. The lace resembles Orenburg snowflake and the peas, however, it's neither of them to be honest. Orenburg lace does not have double yo, nor it has pearl stitches.

How this look would be done in Orenburg lace. Let's take a  снежинка на горохе - 'snowflake on peas' example...
The layout and the alignment of the lace vertically and horizontally would be 6 teeth scarf, the 3.5 teeth tall lace element. That's if I'd make that kind of a look like the scarf pictured has.
Snowflake is constructed of rite and left diagonals leaning into the center and strawbery element in 4 corners. I put a single diagonal element in the center for the balance.
Now, the corners - those are filled with peas. What the pattern in question has are not peas if one looks at it carefully
these are peas in thick lace yarn, so one can see what is happening in the wrong row when these are made, no pear stitches is happening

larger hole is not done with double yarn over as one can see from this.

the full layout chart of Orenburg snowflake with peas corners (wide border)  turned into a scarf scarf  will look like so

overlap middle snowflake with  this one
for some reason snipping tool is not cooperating today.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

White down

It's time to get back to fibers. white down... tubs...

and the fiber animal, yea, I've got helper

needs to be done to produce this

there is more to Russian empire then one may think. as some figured, it;s a series on things. A bit more that that. It's back in time and forward. It's my heritage. Through time, wars, revolution, Red terror, Gulag.
And I've got helpers. Of different kinds. It was not one person deal in the past. It will not be this time.
Some of them I miss dearly as they have past, some left memries.

Настало время вернуться к уху. Контейнеры сортировки, чтобы получить нужное каество пуха.
Как наверное некоторые догадались в Российской Империи больше чем одна работа. Это шак в прошлое и в будущее. Это мое наследие. Сквозь врекмя, войны и революции, Красный терор и Гулаг.
У меня есть помошники. Разные помошники... Это не соло в прошлом, это не будет соло в этот раз. Некоторых уже нет, только память осталась.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's being a while

It's being a while since I've posted. High workload and such...
This is a little bit of the addition to the previous post. A better photo of a custom AG doll and the embroidered dress
Lace garment for this... undecided, first the color has an ego, second the type of golden elements in teh hand embroidery has a tendency to snug of added garment/veil. Do I like working with natural stones, yes, I like that, jewelry making is fun :) so is clothing making, and 1/4 of human size sure helps....

Here is another one in gold, mama and me enjoyed some sewing time.

Photos a credited to my good friend Lena, man I wish I had 1000+ pro light, that is cool set up.

Sister dress for another time period

On the fibers side of things... yes there was another package from Russia, when I'll have more time I'll blog about how does Orenshal yarn lands on a local market and things of that nature; how different the fiber is that comes from 2 places in the same region or about cross breeding of 2 well known goat lines in Russia in Stalin's time. Stay tuned.