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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Heat and rain equals...

Heat and rain equals water savings in our climate.
It also equals not too much trouble in the garden if all is covered and a of of trouble with weeds where they come. and they come size of a human or taller. Bundweed is especially plentiful, bugs that eat it are the desert bugs, they do not like to be rained on. Rain once a week this time of the year is a lot for us. And whatever the weather is or whatever it is the reason for that rain we are thankful. We did not get a lot of hail so far.
Thankful for the flowers
 Thankful for the tomatoes jungle (yeah, I just tied them to frames... yeah. new branches... with tomatoes, so not getting rid of those)

 Thankful for these artichokes... they are taller than a human now, no flowers so. I wonder what's unde the dirt
 This is heat + cucumbers. then rain will get them right up anf night cools them down so they grow

 These are interesting. Never has chickpeas before
 Possibly will have some watermelon, well maybe, these were planted more than 1 month late.
 These are growing nicely, 10+ of these a week. basically 75-100 pounds of food right there.
 Found out what my volunteer is... got taht right out of the compost pile. Figured that plant is so deserving no to be turned.
 Armenian cucumber. Neighbors are puzzled by that thing. They thing it';s a squash. But tastes like cucumber, size of a squash so and almost looks like one.
 Acorns are hiding as usual
 Peppers are doing something. Not expecting a lot from them Thankful to get something (and yeah.. no more jiffy pellets, these so do not dissolve...)
 May even have some melons. also was planted month late.

 These are different cabbage family plants. Green brocoflower
 I keep them like so

 in our heat they become this if not covered. Which is ok by me to eat
 Purple heirloom is interesting. It does turn purple in sun. It it's covered it's pale green.

 And same deal is true for the orange kind
 Oh bushes...
 Green beans of different kinds. Tossed the mix hopins some will be more tolerant to my not the best first year dirt.
 Going to seed ":)
 That box is a summer experiment. It does get hot
 and it does not get any cucumbers in the reach of wild and domestic pests aka dogs

 Oh, that volunteered... Well do not want it here.. because these turn into
 that... and yes they get taller than the house
 This is another volunteer. It tastes and looks like hyssop, but it does have different leaves compared to the kind I have... what ever it is it's welcome
 and I'll putt the weeds around it. This is another 'baby' plant volunteer from the last year. Red sorrel. And it does live in not the best dirt aka pure clay.
 More ground cover. Pine... that is good for me because of high alkalinity. Anyu acid is so welcome
 Compost piles. new. old ones already oin prep to be used by autumn planting nd they do shrink quite a lot

 Tat pile I have a trouble to 'convince' to compost. It has hay in it and that turned out to be tough to compost even one has good amount of nitrogen there
some crops. before that were several tubs of other heirlooms stuff

Whatever it is, heat and rain, I'm thankful

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