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Saturday, September 13, 2014


Freeze. yeah. from freeze to over 25C in one day... does make for end of summer squash, beans, cuce and so on season. frozen for good
 more cold tolerant plants like these do bounce back at times
 this solid chunk of ice was over covered cucumbers. thre were not so many chances there
 these tolerate these kind of extreme temperatures
 frozen solid
 tomatoes after the cover came off. tarp method.
 damages on top

 and some support issues after that
but mostly it could be much worse. like squashes which will go to compost pile or maybe I'll just leave them as a cover where they are o ad to mulch and compost right there in the rows. So summer in our case was over in form of good freeze. Whoever had it in a field have squashes, cucumbers, melons just like mine frozen. I picked several young cucumbers I've missed frozen solid. I wonder how may I use those, I left them in freezer, will be an experiment, never used frozen cucumbers before

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