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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Unusual time

It has being an unusual spring, late spring that is... rain and a lot of it by our measure. having sprinkler off in May is very unusual, and half of June as well. 3-5 rains a week in some weeks, and no week without rain.
I can not believe I have radish and salad greens in past mid June, by that time all are bolted already
these are about 3 weeks apart

 and last week
 same here side by side may and

 may again, frost shot grapes and they have hard time to recover, I'll loose one unless it will come back from the root...
 and last week... let's say because of rain my succession planting did not quite work, my peas are late and my tomatoes are fighting them...

 and salad greens and successor cucumber ... also about 2+ weeks... so... well it is that year it is unusual but I take it as is
 onions are doing well, and so does garlic

weeds are doing fantastic, grasses before they were cut bu booshhog were waist high and taller, some are up to my shoulder...

can that be really our weather, it's like England :)))))
 but I have some berries, and alpines started setting
 oh, bindweed, an old enemy...
 doing great, every 2 weeks back again, I'm building soil there, so I can not put permanent weed barrier yet in there
 and in flowers it gets in as well,,,

volunteer I tried to compost, no clue what kind of squash that may be...
gets re-planted...
 and radish after mid June that is not bolted and edible... still can not believe it.

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