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Monday, May 8, 2017

Spring continues... May in February, February in May...

May in February, February in May...   yeah, sounds kind of normal

Meaning that... typical may... Snow and hard freeze... that was the beginning of snow, got couple feet, was all melted ... no complains about extra moisture... Had to cover some... It was ok in the end...
Not likely to have apple heaven or currents heaven, some of my young apple trees were caught in full bloom by this... One can do only so much with much, after 3 weeks in 70F+ and some freezes at night trees did wake up. All my honeylocust if freeze shot but they will be back.

 So with the weather like that hen in garage... dusty...
 Raspberries in garage as well... if I'd transplant them before that snow they would be good and dead, to much sock.

My spiral and african garden are completed.
Tried to make a decent shot of a spiral... but one would need a drone or something to go way up there...
These are before the final layer of mulch on them. Under that compost layer is lasagna garden proper.
wood chips, manure, grass, compost, wood chips, compost

Here is how one gets compost :)... if you do not have a truck... if you do its all easy :)

And here is how I get compost done.... on site :) it will be a good one, eventually when I layer it and get it do the thing for a year

Why would I get compost from hot composting some place else? Because it's an innoculant, I have my critters in mine, that other one has others, I need the diversity.
So lasagnas get seeded by compost tea, I'll do that as soon as we are past the deep freezes again...

Lilac before the snow. It did hate it, but it will be back good next year. It got used to it :)
Some more mid April before the snow hit photos.
Most of it was just fine, some got frost shot but they almost recover...
And the weeds came... og boy, I need to get some of cheat grass and bindweed before it gets me big.

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