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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Vineyard N4

 The strangest season did bring some troubles and the forecast is up to no , so the labor day weekend will be about the labor.

60+F degree drop is coming 2 days of snow after the weeks in 90 on 'cool' days to 100+ on most days heat.

From 100+ we drop to 26 ans is we get snow we are lucky if we do not that will be very very bad.

It will be exactly like this year when I cam to vineyard wiped out to the ground over the winter with 30% root stock loss... cover with mulch, then frost blanket then mulch again... try to bring all these wines down to give them another week to mature...

What would one do... I've seeing 6-7y old wines to restart from the root this year, I've seeing loss of Mars wine at 50+% I've seeing reliance wiped to 1/3... Humrod, st. Teresa and many others to the ground... All last year planted wines were to the ground killed and re-stared from the buds from the root.

It was a terrible year with no fruit in the orchard as the spring killed it all with 2 ice storms and we were just watching... Many have not a single apple or pear and only hand full of plums, then the hail came and shredded all the cucumber and tomato, which had to be replanted and will be killed by 2 days of snow.

What do you do in such year... Pull many green tomato to ripen on the wine, cover with mulch what can and needs to be saved and hope you get it saved maybe.

So the vineyard comes first this year...

One year was lost completely and so maybe another or it can come to the total loss... he goal here is to cover the root stock good enough so at least the root stock can be saved.

Last 2 years are not like any I've seeing

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