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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Orenburg goat down yarn.

the thread next to it is silk

close up of the fibers

The fiber is unique. The hand spun yarn creates a pocket of still air next to the body to keep the body warm, the fiber also absorbs a lot of moisture and keeps to body dry.
Can a gossamer shawl feel warm. Indeed it can.
Warm Orenburg shawls are ery warm, they can be used as blankets, and in many cases they simple ones are used as baby blankets. They are very light and warm which makes it a perfect elements protection.
Layered with some cotton muslin between and folded in half (to make a triangle) warm rusian shawl is not only waterproof, muslin created wind barrier. This layered with cotton shawl folded in half was and in many cases is a traditional head cover in villages, it is very effective element protection as russian winters are long and cold.


  1. I love your shawls. I am learning to spin on an Orenburg Spindle. I would love to make an original yarn with goat and silk. Where can I buy Kinkame Silk in Europe? I can not find it on internet. Can you help me ? Greetings,Gea

    1. Kinkame silk is used for comparison. I do not ply with it. Very expensive embroidery thread. You will be better off with spun silk 60/2 for warm shawl, 120/2 --200/2 for gossamer depending on how fine do you spin your fiber. Traditional silk producers are India and China. E-bay is your friend there, Look for spun silk. that's the cheapest place to buy small amount between 100gr and a kilo.

  2. Thank you for your site and all the information! I have a Russian spindle but not very good at it yet :) Do you know where I could find some handspun yarn? I would love to knit a shawl myself. Or where I could find the goat fiber? Thanks in advance