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Sunday, December 11, 2011

some cleaning and blocking of Orenburg shawls. medium size, about 155cm

and larger 215cm
(frame is 3.5m reduced to 2.15)
reinforced with the inner cross and horizontally

dry shawl lightens up a bit

warm Orenburg shawls do pull on the frame rather strong (withour reinforcing cross brackets) in comparison to a straight frame
 so the inner reinforcing cross is added to a larger frames (4x4 frames are rather heavy to manage in this size). so the lace on the frame when blocked is evened as well before it is let to dry.

one can leave this shawl for couple days to dry depending on the climate
large frames are also build in pieces (they do not brake, but they can bent), even heavy frames can be bent by large warm shawls. they are blocked tambourine tight (no, lace yarn doe not break or shed)  , it will tighten more when it starts drying (that's when it will ry to bend the frame more), then it will relax.

and in the cold they go (for nicer halo)

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