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Monday, February 6, 2012

Schacht Cherry Matchless 2012 edition

Schacht Cherry Matchless 2012 edition.
what's different:
mother of all is different. Mine is set up with Scotch tension (my personal preference for fine gossamer yarns). DD works and feels just fine, I just happen to like ST better
overall look (Schacht Reeves 30'' DT in the background)

 mother of all top , ST
 side, ST

 black hook
 lazy kate is collapsible and the tension mechanism is different in comparison to 2011 Matchless

Maggie at Shuttles still has some that were not spoken for, give her a call, they wheel is very nice for fine spinning and many other yarns, it's the best multitask-er wheel I've seeing so far in USA and overseas.

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