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Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's being a while

It's being a while since I've posted. High workload and such...
This is a little bit of the addition to the previous post. A better photo of a custom AG doll and the embroidered dress
Lace garment for this... undecided, first the color has an ego, second the type of golden elements in teh hand embroidery has a tendency to snug of added garment/veil. Do I like working with natural stones, yes, I like that, jewelry making is fun :) so is clothing making, and 1/4 of human size sure helps....

Here is another one in gold, mama and me enjoyed some sewing time.

Photos a credited to my good friend Lena, man I wish I had 1000+ pro light, that is cool set up.

Sister dress for another time period

On the fibers side of things... yes there was another package from Russia, when I'll have more time I'll blog about how does Orenshal yarn lands on a local market and things of that nature; how different the fiber is that comes from 2 places in the same region or about cross breeding of 2 well known goat lines in Russia in Stalin's time. Stay tuned.

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