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Friday, February 1, 2013

Blinov uzor

I pulled one of the shawls from my chest.
This is Blinov uzor, also can be described as samovar. it's in the center of the shawl

Shawl made in Zhieltoe, Orenburg region. This one comes from Gumerova household. Rosa teaches this art form for years and somewhat a purist when it comes to it. She will not put neither mushki (think nups) or bazarnaya dorozhka on her shawls, she does not like bazar patterns.
Blinov usor is a combination of particular shape honeycomb pattern that does look like large "соты" and diamond of strawberry. It's not uncommon to hear Blinov uzor just to be honeycomb and slightly different pattern for the diamond.
It is not uncommon to hear another name for the same - samovar, usually this one references honeycomb part alone, but also depends on whom is one talking to...
The author of the pattern has passed a while ago, the pattern itself is knit in Zhieltoe often enough and rather popular as all over shawl. There are variations as it usually is in the folk art form.
Variations of Blinov uzor can be seeing depending on the village and the maker. IT also may appear visually different depending on how the shawl was blocked, was it photographed on the wrong or right side.
In a way this pattern can appear in more than one form on a photograph... Which reminds me... maybe I should of used tripod versus hand hold. Oh well, I'll eave the photo as it is


  1. Лиля, очень красивый платок! Это уже ты связала?
    В центре "самовары" - это тоже самое, что в схеме Г Федоровой? Там у нее шишки из сотов.
    Я специально купила под эту схему нитки, собираюсь связать платок. Надеюсь, мне хватит терпения.
    К этому платку с блиновым узором ты будешь делать схему?

  2. Это мне вязали у Гумеровых несколько лет назад.
    У меня работы очень много и схем в работе много, поэтому обещаний пока никаких не даю по публикации. У меня портфолио свое довольно большое. У меня с блиновым узором решетка и кайма другая.

  3. У Ольги в книге 6-ти гранник меньше. Вяжи по ее схеме и все. красиво будет. у нее другая решетка и кайма. Вариантов блинова узора с казными решетками и каймой много.