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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Speaking of food

So... a trip to a Russian store... a bit of a drive in our neck of the woods. but...
Лосось aka steel head
 A bit of flower, salt, pepper, nice copper fish pan

fried on both sides. after that Russian meets Japan. unagi sauce and water. And here we have it, simple and

bit of citrus to cut the sweetness.

How can I get out of a Russian store without wild mushrooms... yeah... that would be tought

the only thing with frozen in winter.. they release good amount of water that needs to be removed and reduced
mushrooms, umame, umame, mushrooms...
Yea... that's Italy

and that's Japan: soba noodles. soba, buckwheat, Russian grain, Russian mushroom, sour cream... that does sound like an idea... here is green tea soba

not nessesary, because wild mushroom is strong, 4 of them even stronger, sourcream does cut it bit

 by the way, моховики are fragile, I do not thing I'll pair those with the rest again, fresh - yes, all gos into the mix, frozen in winter - no, too fragile. and маслята I'll cut to 1/2 or 1/3 of what I've used or just fry those and be done with it. they do not need someone go fancy on them :).

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