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Monday, July 29, 2013

Orenbueg lace: warm shawl construction and design e-book

Orenburg lace has rules, and many of these rules root in math and nature. It's a reflection of our world, same math rules that live inside many flowers or trees or the see live inside the lace.

How does one design this lace. How does one make the pattern math? How does one knit an Orenburg warm shawl? All these questions and more I was asked many times and then told you should write a book. Maybe I should. Maybe I am.

Following patterns will allow one to knit 12 different lace patterns in a single size, there are 3 base sizes available and the size scales from there.

Then comes the fun part. how does the base transform. and it can transform in many ways, for example

These are 120x120cm shawls or baby blankets.

And the next size

and there is more.
Construction of the lace, lace spacing, lace sizing, lace alignment.
These shawls are from Russian empire series. Well, the diamonds and pine trees are in 4 seasons series. Lelya-Lada exists in Russian empire.

There are 2 things coming: the base patterns (12 of them) with all over lace center are to be released next month as a pattern.

E-book  contains the base and the more complex lace patterns. This e-book enables one to make 12*5*3 shawls, that's a lot of lace. there are 14 base lace combinations in 3 sizes presented in the e-book.

Sweet's: 20 lucky knitters can win the pattern and e-book.
The pattern is bi-lingual English and Russian.
How can you win this? Like in a lottery. post on this blog and the rundom number generator will pick the winners.
Sign up in this ravelry group and the same applies


  1. Thank you so much for publishing this ebook. I have knit 2 Orenburg shawls and am eager to learn as much as I can regarding the construction of these shawls.

    1. please contact me by e-mail. you have won!

  2. I have knitted Estonian lace but never Orenburg shawl. Should be interesting to give it a go!

  3. I don't know if it counts but postedon ravelry also. Really want this as you can see. Love your work and more so as I always say, your knowledge

  4. I would love to be the winner! And all I can do is keep my fingers crossed... :)

  5. So interesting! Would love to read more!

  6. Вот и я хочу выиграть эту книгу. Но желающих набралось уже ого-го... Даже если книга не достанется, зато платок свяжу теплый и красивый! Лиля, сэнк-с!

  7. Sign here as well as in Ravelry to try my luck, thank you :)

  8. have "entered" on ravelry but want to support you here -- I am so looking forward to doing this pattern this autumn!

  9. I would try my luck too! I saw your work today for the first time! And I love it! Wonderful!

  10. I am *so* not a math person but I could learn. Your book sounds very interesting and I do love to knit shawls .....

  11. Lovely concept. It would be fun to work with your ebook. I love your designs.

  12. I just start with my interest in orenburger shawls, don't know if I will be in time for
    the free e-book but will give it a try. Thanks for organizing.