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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Orenburg goat down

Once again. white.
it's wheel spun
the wheel set up is the same as for wool post

that's Schacht Matchless
here is the yarn and a bit of knitting
my under stair plying rig:). Schacht Reeves lives there period, I do not move that large weel

it does not look whole lot much for well over 1000m. it;s a thin 2-ply
making it relatively thick, along sewing thread thickness

it halos, so it makes it look thicker, that's what I want for the particular shawl as far as I'm putting on it some of my warm shawl patterns I want it to be a bit more volume than I do for a fine gossamer, so it will be somewhere in modern Orenburg gossamer weigh

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