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Thursday, April 3, 2014

and here is our spring :) 2. а это вот наша типичная весна 2

and afternoon on the same day:). what snow :)
that's our spring. we got that snow easy. when it's -10C for several days and all trees are in bloom, that one is really bad, it means no apples and such.
а это вот тот же день после обеда. какой такой снег :).
этот снег у нас легкий, только ночью все было. а если на несколько дней -10с и деревья  на цвету это означает яблок не будет и так далее
малина raspberry

 ежевика не колючая blackberry


  1. When we get a freak snow like that here we call it our "black berry winter" They say you get better blackberries :)

  2. I see. mine are not expected to produce plenty. they are transplants this year, so if they do some I'm happy. otherwise what they are doing is building nice roots and so on. I'm going to get me more compost and cover all that area with cardboard and mulch, like wood chips. the weeds I have there are quite invasive annual that seeds like crazy combines with 2-3 super tough perennials. these plants earned their place and mean business when they reproduce.