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Thursday, May 1, 2014

High winds, climate changes and who knows what else

No one remembers these kind of high winds this time of the year. For days. It is something that never has happen. Some say desert  over the mountains is too hot and our climate has changed. It has changed all right. To the worse so far. Even wheels inside are affected by how bad the weather has changed. It creates a lot of trouble the way how the weather has changed. To the point that farmers do not put the crop in. High winds create too much trouble and crop does not survive, yield falls at least 20% and more. They call them Devil winds. I tent to agree. It has being a week like this. It made a lot of trouble out here. Smallest of which piles of mulch are simply gone, evaporated with no traces where that would go. I'm talking truck loads full being gone overnight. Devil wind pick up stuff and simply eats it and it's gone. And there is not a thing one can do about this. It has being so bad no one remembers it this way.


  1. Yes, the weather is not normal here too! and in the U.S. we had that extra cold winter and everyone thought it was funny because we are not used to it bitter cold for that length of time. Our fish died in lakes because they could not handle the cold, even though it did not ice over. I have lived in the middle of the country and the wind is constant there it is always a devil wind and if it did not blow hard one day, then you would think something is wrong. But the farmers some how planted and grew wheat mostly. Hopefully things will go back to normal, because history hasn't recorded weather events for only a hundred years and there were some recordings of odd weather at the turn of century. Well hope this translates well and take care hope your devil winds subside soon. Carollyn

  2. CO2 is at record high in history over 400 point, it was not recorder over 300 points in more than 800000 years according to samples they took out of ice etc. Our world has changed, a lot, it's not the same world.
    I see fibers changing and because of the climate change some of the fibers gone forever. It's the way of our world, it has changed.

  3. It looks like winds subsided, but it was like it yesterday and then they came back. I hope they are over and we can go fix what they have done