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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer garden in lace

It's pleasant to have good rain afternoon in our climate. And amazingly chilly night follows for our climate, chilly enough to throw on a small shawl, about ... slightly below +20C. A bit of wind gives it just enough...
Small summer shawls...
I'm preparing 4 to release because as usual I can not pick one, so all 4 will go, I was asked to release all of them already.

Small shawls that were released recently:

It’s a leftie. Orenburg lace sampler 4 in 1
this is 4 in one Orenburg patterns sampler.
base 'leftie' triangle
diagonals stripes pattern,
peas stripes patter
mixed sampler like one below pattern

the set includes 17 different patterns (14 in mix and match set). One can make quite a lot of different shawls for gifts ad what else.

Long promised Blooming garden bactus 
 And snowflakes, can not be without that :)
Snowflake bactus 

Large snowflake bactus 
From snow to blossoms is just a step. The 3 are sister patterns. It's like out volatile spring one bay flowers bloom another the snow comes once again. we can see it even early summer at times.

on the garden a bit later. was busy a bit, so will post an update.

What's coming in the shawl land? Youth. Flowers.


  1. oh this is just lovely where do you buy the pattern?

  2. if you click on the link for each pattern it will take you there