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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Spinning bowls

All kinds of things can be used as a surface to work a supported spindle

Japanese traditional tea cup with a lid (the lid)
this kind

 condiments bowl (Chinese, about $1)
 silver plated bowl (makes a very fast surface)
 metal goblet (Arabic in this case, great spinning bowl)
 crystal, glass, tempered glass.
 wooden salad bowl :). there are not very large ones.

 Metal tipped spindles  work great on metal, glass, porcelain, high gloss wood like khohloma  other types I did not test, they may have not hard enough surface and using khohloma would be stretching the durability of the surface. Wooden bowls get scratched. Here is an example of tools of the trade. I persomaly prever with metal tipped spindled polished metal or glass. Cheap and universal. Thrifst store or garage sales is my kind of thing to find these.
The way I spin I like glasses like the metal goblet above.

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  1. I think this is a great Idea, and beautiful to see, wonder what will become of the grey thread?