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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holidays, food, woolie winder, DD and other stuff

Holiday food. Fish. salmon, dover sole, crab, vegetables (saute) and panco, Rolled, tied, fumet and resling and of it goes to cook

Simple whole salmon steamed in fish fumet (fish stock)  lemon and herbs

Spinning rig (reeves lazy kate fit particular bobbins, one from matchless fits more different brands ok)

woolie winder on Shacht reeves.. 4 ply yarn (3 wool one goat down)'

 close ups in holiday light are not that great, in day light a little better so (below)
 that's where I park yarn when I ply and change bobbins

 in morning sun light it changes color
 close to it's real color and a it of rustic texture.
 Holiday tree.

Santa and Father Frost .

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