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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Honey. From modern to classic

Honey is a series of patterns in Russian Empire collection.

How does one teach honeycomb so it becomes natural to follow this pattern?
I did see many times students struggling with patterns that have diagonals not at 45 degrees.Honeycomb is that kind of a pattern. What does it combine with well, What is the min space the elements should be apart so the lace does not look muddy and over complicated. Honeycomb is one of the patterns where sell is more. Less thickness in yarn, Less lace. Honeycomb is a pattern with big ego. It does stand out. And it can add to the pattern a lot and it can overpower.
It can work with color and against it.

Modern shawlette is released in Honey series.

Gradient and beads. Thank you Maie and Tatiana

Beads are in small strawberry (glukhotinka) shape. the base pattern that goes with honeycomb most often

More in this series to come

long gradient

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