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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Filling gaps retrospective. March. Beginning of Spring

Beginning of spring. For me it was podsneznik.
I did manage to make some of snowdrop or galanthus to make it. I thought is=t was impossible in our desert even under the trees.
These were short lived and happiness of February. Maybe a week into March... maybe some even a little longer.
Then the white and blue Scilla. Blue ones - nostalgia. Whites - I also thought they would not make it.
We have mice and I did see moles (hate these creatures). These eat a lot of bulbs or damage them...

So first little crocus came in March. Some showed up even in February... 

 Then giant came.
 And this. early March... under the snow.

 It was still all sleeping, with just some greens comm=ing
 and some narcissus

 early tulips started to show
 And here are white, they came after galanthus.
 Here too
 Walking onion overwintered nicely.
 Here is my giant crocus.

 I tried to get early bees on these.
 And also these went under some trees and I seeded some boxes for a container experiment
 Iris to plant. dug out another place where there is plenty. Savings.

Mid march. more blooms
 in full bloom

 And some of ice plant started coming
 Early tulips
 And some autumn bloomers are coming

 mums. not all did make it it seems.

Raspberry starts to show.
 Blue and yellow
 Did not know I had a purple creeping plant... must have being something I recoveed over the wetter summer and also mulching.
 Creating micro-climates.

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