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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Coming in May

Long needed update on patterns.3 Sister series will be released starting May.
from this one

Meanwhile it;s a busy time. Weeds... lots of weeds...
Spring in full bloom. Late tulips
 herbs are getting stronger and some will be moved as they started competing
 surprise... wild duck... do not count on babies or anything, dogs... bothered bird, can no really fence it
 roses are coming, not all, some did not make winter so will be replaced.
 in the rain

weeds, had a good fight, it's much cleaner now, thistle is very much not wanted... nasty weed to get rid off
 more weeding and replacing not overwintered alpines. some did not make it

 some are blooming already
 and all the pines are in, mulching , otherwise that has no chances

 my super high tech (aka shop lights, not seeing me buying grow lights for 400 and so on...)
so, south facing window did not quite do it, tomatoes are very small for the time and need more light, so got the cheapest 48'' shop light, 2 natural light tubes, fancy tarp, and cindebocks, keep these down close otherwise plants com out leggy (not wanted)
that's where I started

and almost 5 days later, there is a good progress

Look what I found in bindweed. I thought none of it made it. it turns out some did... lily of the valley, in my sunny and lots of clay area that is a very difficult flower to grow, does not naturalize.

 bindweed is so coming down...
 and some more made it
 my high tech watering device when drip system is still down... we can get snow in mid/late may for no good reason easy, so all freezes and... here we go fixing sprinklers again
 onions are doing well

  potatoes showed up and some over planted radishes (those are early pickings)

 here is to iron clorosis how one does loose a tree, was a bear to dig out...
 and the replacement, hope it will do better.

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