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Monday, January 23, 2017

Wood chips

Use of wood chips in landscape: this CSU extension article is a good source of information

Mulch hog heaven...
These are for orchard. A year ago there were couple of small loads we got a hold of, so mulch was put around the new trees.
Now we have more

areas where cheat grass is now covered so hopefully it will be replaced with time with more beneficial grasses. Cheat grass is an annual grass like plant, also known as brown top grass.
It is a ground cover, time came for it to give the way for other plants and be the soil

Arborists mulch is not uniform, one load is not same as others, we take it all, pane, juniper, fruit trees, it is all good.

This is to control bindweed and other undesirable plants and provide chickens close by digging ground. With time the plan for this area to plant some bushes so chickens can hide from hawks better.

chickens also use that for bedding, used bedding gets placed as under layer for new composting beds, or so called hot beds. Also semi-good to fight thistle... however I have some impressive specimens that get very tall and have very impressive roots. That one takes several straight chicken poop applications (shovel full) and still manages to come up.

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