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Saturday, April 1, 2017


There are many types of compost sold in bags. So what is that you are after...

And why the heck the sales man tries to sell you so much compost anyways (aside of mere profits and margins... because sales man did not put the work into making compost, they are distribution chain of that)... Compost sold in bags, lays outside in whatever environment, treated like dirt...
Is that just expensive dirt? If it was overheated above 130F indeed it is, because t became dirt at that point.
Meaning if something like compost overheats it becomes stero, no life forms in it, all dead. I did see some heating compost in the oven to kill stuff (why is not clear, I guess people sometimes get scared and love to pay whatever money they can an can not afford)..

When one buys compost it's not a fertilizer, it's an inoculation method. The life forms in the food web is what you want, not the dirt, cause you already have dirt on the ground, no need to pay more $$$ for the dirt (cause most households in USA do not own it anyways, they ay mortgages, meaning de-facto bank owns that and they rent... with semi-lax land lord sort of... as long as they pay and have enough security deposit in it - aka down-payment and equity) .

It's the life forms in compost you want.
How to make compost

Why it's a good idea to get compost from the facility that knows what they are doing? Because the life forms in the compost will be there, those are the silent workers you want to breed.

Your dirt already has all the nutrients your plant will ever need by several times over in it's entire life time and then some, the life food web is what extracts those from dirt making the dirt to become soil. No fertilizer sales person is going to tell you that,.. no big herbicide-pesticide company... Why? Cause you will stop coming to buy their product because you have life forms that are present on that earth to do the job. You are not paying rent to big company producing fertilizers and additives (they are salts by the way, that's the chemistry of it and not about to change).
Instead you making pile out of waste materials, literally... Breeding life forms, they eat one another...

What do you believe composting worms eat?.. They eat food scraps, right, at least it looks like... but are those foods craps remain like not broken down? and why some recommend grinding the pieces by food processor so worms eat faster? What eats the scraps... and why do you grind these increasing the surface area? Cause only thing on that planet that benefits from large surface area is small... those are the bacteria, they grow rapidly on food scraps, and worms do not eat the food scraps, its what grows on then they are after, along with other critters in that very compost...

I dirt no one's home, at all.. stero, nothing living. In healthy soil there are living things that work for you

Listen to this, spend your time

When soil food web is active?

most active in early summer when i's warm but not too hot.
In our area it's late spring
Food web

I'm restoring my land into soil, in certain areas I have very decent native grasses, to take that clump out was hard... very. So I have root systems that go over 2 feet deep, and the only thing that does it is bindweed and several other nasty tap weeds...
So why folk were going gaga for bindweed stew? Because that plant was able to go get there, and where are roots there is life.
Before that bindweed goes to seed I'm composting that thing...
Because it did go down there...
I'll talk about hated by many bindweed later... I really after getting that bindweed into the lad and seeing what grows there. What is it that it made symbiotic relationships with that it's roots are capable of going down there, because that's what I want my trees to do.
That's what I want my grass to do.
Good bacteria and fungi seem to be good ones are aerobic and disease and pests are anaerobic.

Bindweed also tells me where I should not plant, if it gets iron clorosis anything else will in that spot, it means life in there is not supporting even that weed. There is not enough bio diversity there, ans I need to get to that spot and put life forms in there, cover it so the erosion is stopped and let the life forms to do the things. It means I add compost tea in there so the cycle is started and so the worms come and start aerating this area and turning that into soil. Deep tap root plants like brasacas can help me out there, Dandelions, they are not clorotic. They seem to have right symbiosis.
And you are right... I did stop killing dandelions at my property indeed.
It does no mean I do not have lawn. And I get a weed into it once in a while, I get the weed, get that root out. After that I do compost tea drench and have chickens go fertilize too.
Weed that did not make the seed goes into compost, there id small amount of seed mass I never compost because at times I may not get the seeds and compost hot enough, I need to work on the process.

Why now? Because the spring has began, Find good health compost, make a simple brewing machine, start brewing that. When soil has structure it can retain water and it can feed the plants.
Now it's a good time to talk about compost, hot composting required 21 days, It turns out one does not need whole lot of compost.

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