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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Simple shapes

So.. that gray fiber I did spin... a portion of it, not very large so, the shawl is about 99gr was used to see if "make some teeth" drill can be somewhat less boring. Being a geek... I did stick part of the fractal in there, simplified it so. It takes about 3 days to make one of these at moderate pace. not a huge shawl.


  1. How do you knit so fast! lol
    beautiful shawl!

  2. it's normal for Orenburg lace - speed knitting.
    one needle is stable, lace is weighted so the stitches are easy to pick. when one knits for sale have to be fast, because time is money. My speed is about 1\2 of my past speed these days, but my hands are restored to reasonable usable condition :), I'm happy about it.
    I can show speed knitting videos if interested, will link a blog post

  3. would love to learn speed knitting! I bet lots of others to!

  4. I have been knitting for nearly 30 years and am a pretty fast knitter but not like you or some i have observed. I have tried to learn to be faster including learning Portuguese knitting which I picked up pretty fast. However, i have wanted to learn to knit faster but my wrist get fatigued now more and more. I looked up youtube videos after you mentioned speed knitting but can't find a good close up to watch. so if you can post videos with good close up that would be amazing. Do you knit continental style? I look forward to seeing your videos.