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Monday, August 6, 2012

Dolls TLC

So, it's used.
these are the originals, did not take the before photo, oh well. the after is better.
Issues: general frizz, frizz close to the forhead line, the worst frizz is in the middle

So American girl doll, who knows how many times did I pass something like that at thrift stores looking for vintage cookbooks or children books... or other books.
Someone asked if my sampler shawls would fif one o these. So I got one to find out.
But have to make it look decent for the photos first :). frizzy hair does not look good on photos.
So here we go, aggording to internet sources as well as couple links from ravelry AG group the hair can be washed. But in my household we have no downy fabric softener. at all. no kidding.
So, wash with costco eco friendly dish soap (ok, ladies, it turns out ok, no worries :))

after that PhD employs physics as I do not have the suggested chemistry on site :), have to find some work around with the frizz, which is... a ploy material did remember the form (basically a filament poly) that is not desirable. Water, heat, brush is on site.
So brushing it wet (the wig did not seem to be damaged). oh, and the doll is redhead, so I did not correct the green hint, sorry about that

I employed such unusual things as vegetable brush, hair drier, water, hot water we have this:

Frizz by the forehead is taken care off, some minor unevenness at the ends, maybe I'll trim it, or leave as is for now, after all, if it's a historic character, then it kind of goes with it... riding horses and such...
hair is step 1. clothing, shoes etc is step 2. I do not have a good use for authentic American outfit it came in, purple not exactly in my colorways at the moment :)

added day light shots. The doll was identified as a retired early Felicity from Plesant company (American Girl doll).

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