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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dolls, shawls, pairs

Recently someone has asked if my sampler for Orenburg modern shawlettes (designed to teach Orenbur borders) would fit an American girl doll. Being not from America of course I had no idea bout American girl dolls, I do have some porcelain, but no AG. So the question remained unanswered for about a day, then another knitters said the samplers do fit AG dolls.
I though why not... why not to try a doll shawl a full size, took about 1/2 day from design to blocking.
Non AG doll is modeling the shawl. It's a tall doll about AG size, so the shawl is slightly wider because AG seem to be wide (and yes, I'm getting one, it's in the mail). So doll shawl and coordinating adult shawl - why not :)