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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Colonial dresses

So, these dolls patterns appear to be 1/4 of human patterns. and thicker at the middle due to the body style. This is original AG Felicity x-mass dress. made of 'bolonia' like material (we used to have rain coats made from it when I was a kid. When I've seen this AG fabric application for the first time... wow I was not expecting these fabric selection, looks good in photos and quite durable for a kid to play with.). We took evening dress fabric, crepe. Laces ad here we are.

The dresses are put over AG shift - undergarment of the period.
Mother-daughter project. We 2 may as well have some good old fun sewing. And I get to design the dresses :) just like in good old days making stuff back in Russia, yeah... we did make a gown or two :).... lot's more than that to be honest... and dolls are always there to try-fit :)
  Here we go

under-petticoat on. 

gown on.

petticoat on


and more detail

So how did we do compared to the original? fine print cotton and crepe dresses.

The custom purple dresses are for sale. e-mail me.

Edit to add the outside photo with the shawl so you can see it now with light purple travel dress, blue holiday dress and custom deep purple dress.

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