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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Small shawl 1 is done and a little bit of the yarn talk

In this blog post small doll shawl yarn and the outfit was shown.
Since then I visited the vendor's store for the first time and found some useful hair care techniques. So couple dolls were set up like so. Water, shaping=synthetic material memory.

And the shawl was done. And I caved and picked a doll in rather nice condition out of a consignment store. I think I just happen to like the look of this particular one.
So, this is the gradient yarn on blue. The shawl is 2 piece, 3 looks.
Shawl alone pinned way

Hooded. the shawl top has small loops enough to put the ribbon through and the shawl can be styled as a cape in several ways, this is one of them

Now... The hair talks and the yarn talk.
Hair after several days in the shaping
I probably will do more curls on Samantha doll hair to have as it looked originally, maybe, I like this styling somewhat better, will see...

Other doll talk...
more little things storage that can go on a shelf... which is not done yet.

The yarn talk... Gossamer yarns versus lace weight. How do they look like.
Let's see in doll's hands, easier to take a picture of, does not require jumping around bogen tripod as something less havy I can just trip over and make a nasty equipment mess.
Here we have Felicity doll in the cape lilac-pink gradient wool plied with silk spun as a lace weight yarn. The small chest is used to keep some shoes and other small easy to loose and hard to keep the track of doll size things. The underskirt in the making will go under Victorian Samantha dress to have it shaped better (Felicity lilac dress has an underskirt).
And the dolls are holding yarns of Orenburg, the gossamer yarns. Can you see it?
Not yet. The yarns are 2-ply yarns. Maybe now it's better?
somewhat... how about closer
I do not know if I can get in my ligh in the middle of the night the actual 2-ply. more close up
here is gray 2-ply yarn next to lilac-pink gradient wool yarn. See the difference between gossamer Orenburg yarn and the lace weight?
The gray yarn is a wheel spun.
This wheel.
that has some of the single I'm spinning on it.
the white yarn is spindle spun Orenburg yarn
it has tighter ply than I do and I'm quite impatient to see how this will be in the shawl. This is more about the experience exchange among Orenburg yarn spinners. This is from the lady taught by Olga Fedorova who is her successor at the school where she has taught. I'm now quite far from my home land, but we can do yarn talk. the yarns speak.
This is how the wheel spun yarn looks in the shawl
these are the yarns side by side

they are plied with same silk

What else did come from back home? 4-th Irina's book

And spindles
next to what is called here abroad student lace spindle size (10gr range student spindle i not quite common thing here.. all spindles are made in Russia, Orenburg region). Smaller spindle is not a maker's joke and not a shawl pin. It's a spinning spindle. something not quite common these days as this kind of work is not done these days on routine bases.

this photo is from Irina Bushuhina book

I'll show these things of old during my 2012 fall classes in Boulder, CO at Shuttles Spindles and Skeins.
They did exist, they are not quite lost, They are hard to restore, not impossible so. Did the shawl come from back home? Yes they did, just takes time to come buy with the funds :).
 Architect salary helps (nope I'm not a housewife :) , I'd love to be, but I'm not ).

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  1. Как красиво! Это ж сколько надо терпения, что-бы нашить и навязать эту мелкоразмерную красоту... Браво, Лиля!!! Вы предстали для меня в совершенно новом амплуа!