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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Spinning yarn, setting yarn and some other

So... September, the time gos fast.
Here is some stuff
The fiber is merino and silk-polwarth (because LYS was out of superfine merino white at the moment)
that's about 1o of fibere in there. 3 smalls shawls, 2 different yarns.
I mixed the color on Russian triangular comb (no hackle present at the moment).

these are the fabrics that hopefuly will become historic doll dresses. Small shawls will be the accesories for them
white-peach is a single. put on the swift (heavy one, Shuttles at Boulder has these, do not do wet set if teh swift is flexible in any way, heavy amish kind is what one wants for this - that the only substitute for Russian табуретка I found abroad, well... more expensive... but it's hard to her табуретка at lows or some store like that... they just do not know what is it) ready to wet set. The rest of the fiber I took to Schacht Matchless wheel.

I promised some progress shots, and the last is my blurry action shot, because taking fast moving flier picture ... was not the right time of the day, very early morning is not it ...
Both yarns on the swift

close ups

Here is some other September spinning
 The cobweb yarn is done on Schacht Matchless, the fiber has some guard hair,
 but I'm not griping at 85 old Russian granny for not seeing some, because at her age, I'd be happy to do anything like that.
and if someone would ask, nope, thesee are different spindles, same fiber, the last mons spindles are on these 2 balls

The wet set. I trued to get the color in sun light outside with the fabric, the barker purple still came out darker than it is.

Now what the heck was my swift doing uside down in the bath tub?
metal ball bearing do not do well with water. no water was near them and I was careful to employ the gravity to help me out.
And after I took good amount of water from the yarn with the towel I made sure I have enough fabric bufer so no water is nowhere near any metal parts.

The whole thing went to sun. The fine gray yarn was wet set yesterday and si finishing in sun this morning.
So... fiber work is m=done, have to check how are my 3 wool fleeces doing (washed that they are drying... well... I did start at about 3am on 1-st...)

Табуретка looks like thsi. pulled from someone's blog
this is how it was painted, ours were just white.
Turn this upside down, use as a swift. Well, can employ laze kate from the kitchen, will have same kind of ball bearing action.

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