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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pattern preview. I need a name brain storming :)

What do you know :) we have more snot, so the shawl is cold set instead of just dry in hose set.
The cold set is almost instant, so if you are trying to re-align the lace and such, that method is not quite for you, because the shawl freezes very quickly, all the aligning and such is done indoors. and this one was freeze-set twice :), why... ahh.. you know, timing :). so we've got more snow. and I need ideas to name this. 
Yes, I know, Fleur De Grace sister ... I know :).

How to name this one... Welcoming the ideas :), please share


  1. "Spring flowers" is my suggestion :-)
    Kathe, Denmark

  2. Really like your blog. Could you talk about those frame a bite more? And the plying technique you use? I've read that you ply from one onto a cardboard disk. Then the yarn is steam. How do you steam it? A kettle? Could we have pictures?

  3. reeling on the spindle, plying off the spindle is here in pictures

    yarn plied on the wheel from supported spindles

    spindle spun yarn and plying on the wheel rig

    for steaming bamboo steamer will work, granted, never steam with any paper core different from white or unbleached, never spin on a wheel bobbin.

    frames construction I put into the pattern already, it will be available soon. stay tuned.

    the frame is wood from hardware store, oak or something similar, nails (stainless that do not rust the best), drill, 2.5cm or narrower between the nails and off we go. whoever has a drill press is set up for much faster job.
    one can use 3/4 pipe from hardware store instead of wood if they desire to tie to the frame . I do not use that method, I have wooden frames already.
    and one can use blocking mats (or gray utility mats, cheaper, works better) and t-pins
    I block my crescents this way, you'll find some of these pictures in my blog