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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shawl comes back to Orenburg

This shawl was at Bryssel international exhibition 55 years ago (1958). The shawl came back to Orenburg at Orenburg museum of fine Arts to their collection the news article said. The article sais that the shawl is fragile. Author of the shawl is unknown, there ae some recordings that say the shawl for the exhibition were collected at Zhiletoe village (not known if the shawl was made there or brought there to a relative). It is unknown when the shawl was made or was it made for this exhibition.
The article said that the shawl was initially purchased for 500 rub over 50 years ago, monthly salary at that time of the purchase the monthly salary of the purchaser was 801 rub. The purchaser was rather high in USSR state jobs ranking "заместителем начальника управления областной государственной инспекции по качеству товаров и торговли РСФСР", basically  a VP of QA on the state government level if I translate this right that what would it be if the job existed in USA, it would be an elected official by the state government. The cost of the shawl was quite high at it's time.


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