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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Garden update 2

So flowers part of the garden. Some new roses planted from bear root. These were hit by may freeze very bad and nursed back in pots. They are planted and going through adjustment to dirt with free lime.

Ones that make it are the kinds I'm going to buy next year. What grown at neighbors yard is not necessary what will grow on mine, some properties here do not have free lime and some gardens are 20+ years so they have great soil compared to mine
here is some flowers.

This is my worm harvesting bed, it has lots of them and I periodically dig me a a bit of dirt and put them into one of my new garden beds. I leave the eggs so new ones hatch where they supposed to. I get the small worms a put them in new bed as well.
Whatever birds do not eat is safe and hopefully eating composting material and coffee grounds.
same 'harvest' bed in spring and now.

some flowers are coming in shadier area. and big grass I was cutting back with a saw is comming back too, it is warm weather lover.
 Where lilac was lost over the last year I put black and red currant. These are locally grown and doing good for being 2 week transplants. Clematis after being wind broken does not come back. Added urea to see if I have there nitrogen issue from mulch or something else. This plant is not adapted to the local soil so...
 Here is another pine that has suffered damage during winter, a lot. It has some come back.
 This is Carmine jewel cherry. As you can see it is hit very badly by leaf spot disease and maybe some bugs. Neem oil is applied. I was looking for copper based fungicide for organic growing...
 I see a lot of fungus on my beans, some completely gone, did not make it at all.
I'm testing what kinds can make it. so far 2 heirlooms are doing better then the rest.
Fungus did a number on beans in less than a week. came quickly and quite... you'll see.
I organic garden soil is the key. I'm only starting new garden this year, I only started my compost

 and basically growing on composting raised mounds. My expectations are now big for this year.
It would be very good if my transplants berry bushes made it through winter and adapted to soil with free lime (alkaline and can not be fixed with acid adding... lie humic acid etc).
I also found good deal of June bug larvae in compost near dirt, by the size of them these are year 2.... and they were in dirt. I found them in more than one place on the property.. these eat roots. and it does give me the answer why some of my strawberry is acting like something is eating these... birds do not get enough of them and these sit deep. difficult to get rid of organically. I did hear some nematodes attack these.

So far this is how the transplants are doing
some are coming back after being hit by frost, some I lost.

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