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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Garden update 3

Raised  beds and mounds. Irrigation was finished. Need to berry all that under the mulch. Testing for now to see how much water is delivered and what needs to be adjusted.
Some plants are clearly having issues.
Phosphorus and nitrogen addition produced it's results, but not on every bed. It turns out I found me some piece of mystery... the and has June bug larvae in it. Where the bed was made over the covered by mulch area and where previous owners used herbicide (little I knew about it before I made my beds there...) June bug is found and it does eat my strawberry. they are fighting the best they can. I hope to make another bed and maybe just transplant them there... I do not know... I found over 100 of these larvae and many are 1-st and 2-n year judging by the size...

so there are successes and failures. There is a lot of fungus on beans and they were hit a lot worse than cucumber and squashes. Pepper heirloom my mother gave me as seeds did not make it... Very small plants, will see if these will do anything. The soil where she is and mine are very different, so that was an experiment after all, well... there will go autumn plant like radishes and lettuce  ...

strawberry. this bed seem to be relatively bug free. bug went after the chard as decoy plant and did numbers on it
 this is the bed where i suspect June bug activity deep in it. possible drainage problem is not counted out, urea was applied to help with wood chips composting. lavage shows some nitrogen deficiency still.
phosphorous and magnesium was applied as well (purple leaves may indicate this).

 potatoes. russet and local heirlooms. these were planted after May 16 closer to end of the month.
 Jerusalem artichokes and collards, brossaca's, carrots
 my good old bird.. ears my strawberry real good... comes every several times.
 sorrel, cucumber and squash, beans being hit by fungus.

 lettuce containers being harvested quite a lot.

 this what will replace them.
 heirloom plants
 Tomatoes that had some good deal of deficiencies came around better and greener. phosphorus and compost and worm castings tea was applied.

 Peppers experiment, these I think are not going to make it.

another nursed back to life evergreen

 Red sore being harvested quite a lot and borage. strawberry companions


  1. Your garden is looking good! I can get strawberries to grow, but can not keep rabbits from eating them. I have grown horseradish and rosemary and tomatoes and squash and the little animals do not bother them.

  2. Ничего себе!! Когда ты все успеваешь! Лиля!! Молодец!!