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Monday, June 30, 2014

End of the month

End of the month. summer.
Here is what is happening outside except of some strong winds and increasing heat.
Lettuces are bolting as usual this time of the year. It is too hot for them.
Bird got a little something :)
and we git a little something finally, enough feeding just them :). borrage companion is blooming

and chard is attracting the rest of the bugs. and getting large. this is after picking of large leaves.

This is липа. Linden tree.

The garden stuff. Nice algae is there too. All gets fed to the plants.  worm castings tea, manure tea, epson salt+phosphorus and iron.
green manure, yeah..  weed stew done:).
  Some garden updates broccoli, squash, cucumber survivors :)

 carrots and some tomatoes started
 tomatoes got some support structures, they are big enough to need it.

 some potatoes, hopping they go some stuff in the dirt, they are in full boom, one kind that was planted earlier, well after mid May :). others were end of May beginning of July, those are not blooming yet.
Only kind that is effective as foliage spray and ground additive in soul with free lime is this. One can put a bag of ironite under a tree with little to no effect at all.
 This is iron clorosis in different stages being treated.
It is late is season, and I did not know what trees did I have till I did see te issue pronounced like that.
 that's what I lost my beans to.  Not something I cane  across before ever. Cucumbers were affected by it rather badly as well. Another - pollution in the environment. Back home when we has environmental issues cucumber would be the first thing that would react on it.


  1. You have worked very hard, and bugs seem to fight you for your garden and is even more trouble with less water it seems. To help cucumbers we would snip off most of the male flowers, they seem to drain the plant of strength. I waited to plant that type of thing till I figured out how to rid this little bug that bothered them.

  2. thanks. I put cucumber type I had luck in the other property.It seems that here even in raised container this kind did not do well. It is quite possible that the current drilling activity in the area responsible for that. rare neighbor has any cucumber plants in dirt doing well, not talking about cucumbers themselves. at farmers markets I see only cucumbers from greenhouses. It is possible we will go exact same way , well , when we save up to make greenhouse. We have high winds, so typical residential structure in our area simply does not work. And going commercial grade even for a small greenhouse lands one in thousands in materials alone. I'm thinking about what kind of plant I can grow instead. And what can I pant in the 2 beds that had cucumber and peppers that suffered bugs and iron deficiency. In our area cucumbers are in 6-10 years old gardens are the only ones I see. In new gardens it turns out no one does it, they do not live. neither strawberry. both I've learned this year. It turns out the soul is a lot harsher here. I see 10+ year old gardens that can not keep strawberry.