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Friday, January 10, 2014

Old Russian, new American, The kitchen talk :)

so here we were yesterday in the kitchen. Mama had a little of nice cold harvest reisling wine and some nice berries.. so basically after dinner desert. we have a chat about life, Obama and the debt and how Russian annalists think America is going to land in technical default in February... so basically typical Russian kitchen talk. I'm knitting and talking. Mama all the sudden wakes up out of the politics talk and goes
"what ARE you doing?"
'what am I doing?" (ok, that's translated from Russian, but you get the point).
she goes,
"you are making THAT from green 5 rubles yarn" and she points at that stole chart of mine, 2 page holes based chart for the reference.

Tada. Ok, that is OLD Russian outlook. folk in their 60-80-th just do not think of higher end of Orenburg lace be made from anything except of Orenburg hands spun, and certainly not out of 5 rubles yarn. Ok, that was yarn place graceful by the way. Speaking of how much similar these 2 yarns are. I get it, she wants me to make that stole from white hand spun, because that's the proper way. That's the old school. I think I have to explain...
"Mama, it's a scientific experiment"
'yeah, right..."
"Mama, have some more vine and berries :)"
" you are wasting your time with this, that's not the proper yarn for that, you should not be knitting such a shawl from that"

so, that's mama. the bottom line the chat was distracting for me enough to get couple more rows only and call it.
So, what am I doing now?
 looks like ok, I'm making 2-nd row of strawberry, right after my lace set up row. right?

nope :)
I'm knitting strawberry 2 rows at once.

the point is lace is made as usually along with how the life goes. in between.
If I would not catch that in the morning I'd shift my lace , caught that at 3-rd tooth, would have said oh man... сон в руку , ad would have fixed it at the end to hide .
I caught it, so I'm making 2 rows of strawberry at once and it is slow.
I'll make that stole white, proper way so :)))
After all, mana never is going to change. For her like for many others there is only one proper way - the hand spun yarn period. Yarn makes that lace. and she told me, "why are you even making this, you'll never sell that because it's green 5 rubles yarn".  I'm not going to sell it :), it's an experiment.
But when it comes to spending time, I have to admit, she is right. I should not be doing it out of green yarn, I do not really have much time for that. But on the other hand...
What I'm doing is trying to figure out how to set up the hands for someone who is coming from yarns like that and wants to make a beaded shawl. What they struggle is the gauge. Their yarn does not promote tight knitting. for me yarn place graceful stabilized on 2mm needles for my speed. It's not optimum and I'm knitting it slower than my own hand spun. whoever is after the beaded shawl needs to drop eedle size twice, meaning to 1mm. and the thickness of the yarn trice+, meaning 3+ times finer just to begin on something like that. The width of such a stole would be in 130cm range top. My little green monster will hit close to 2m easily when blocked. will see how large will that be.


  1. I am getting older and can see why your mama wants you to stick to the white. But I can also see where this will be beautiful laying on tops of many outfits and fun to wear and look at.
    Here in the United States we wonder what will happen in future too, with decisions made by politicians that the majority (not me) voted in and hopefully we will be prepared for any thing unusual that come our way at least in the home, we can remember resources to care for ourselves If times get ruff. I guess the people need to take there voting seriously, and realize how important it is to be involved. Many are complacent and let others make decisions for themselves with out checking up on our politicians, like we should.
    well I got off the subject but thought you may want to know :) love your work always enjoyable to see. Thanks for the post!

  2. it's destined to be modern :). mama is going to sleep well. for some magic reason I can not find the second ball of the same dye lot, and already tossed the label. that kind of a thing is not a big deal in my book to be honest. stole will be white. scarf or maybe an early crescent will be this green.. depends on where the color will roll out at the top.
    the best part, I'll most likely find that ball when I do not need it at all :) . and that's ok.
    I did come up with an idea what do I want to do with that orange-yellow gradients so. and that will lighten the color too. this year I kind of feel like, yeah... I did buy a bit too bright color for me.
    maybe I'll make another wing type of a shawl. an easy one.