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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Yarns de-saturation. Counting on 3

This is one of the orange-yellow gradients I start separating into pieces.
The yarn is somewhat bright and saturated.

 White de-saturates such a yarn. after that there are decisions what way to de-saturate or to change the hue of the color for example into more blue

 And what proportion to choose - equal or 20/2 (over 50% of white added)
 I did equal and here is that yarn cut to elongate the gradient. in the beginning I cut in good amount of places, that's the way the ball went. Green one seem to be one of the older colorway's possibly, so I' 'squeezing' out of it every bit or the color alignment. I usually go with 2 sections of such an alignment and leave the inner part of the ball to float as it would/ this time I did go futher in the experiment/

Counting to 3 - one of the rules for Orenburg lace alignment. This illustrates the middle of the diamond alignment

 this is how the knitting rig looks like. free-be.
 peculiarity of the inner part of the yarn place graceful layout for this particular possibly decommissioned colorway
 here is past the middle at the point where the inner layout of the diamond it tested for the lace accuracy.
 this pattern aligns to "and One 2,3" whee and for yo, One for k2tog, 2,3 ar for knit stitches.
 here the middle is. this is how honeycomb or 'korolki' work.
if it aligned this way - all good..


  1. Such fine work and great pictures again, I enjoyed your video clips below too. Thanks for the posts!

  2. waauw!! beautiful !! this is hard work, knitting art! kind regards mieke