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Monday, January 20, 2014

Shetland wheel

The wheel comes from Yell. It does what it was meant to do - spin fine , spin wool. This is quite different from modern commercial wheels. In my personal opinion it does better on wool than any other wheel I worked on abroad. It's a small wheel, does not take much space in the house. It works exceptionally well even after such a long journey (oh customs... what to say about those... they take a very long time...). These wheels spin only better whit time, it's the old way of things, they are made to do it. It is a production wheel. Shetland folk know their wool, their fine yarns and their wheels. Enough said. Here is the wheel. and a little of a test spin, not sure what the fleece is, it's just flicked by a comb locks.

Another thing. It's not a beginner wheel, one needs to know how to spin on one of these. It is meant to go at particular speed and it starts just doing the job very nicely.

1 comment:

  1. love the pictures, and here in america I have only seen demonstrations with the large wheel, it would be great if you made a You Tube video on this. very few people do this and it has become a lost art! The world should see your talent and it is free to do! I have some I have made with my tatting it is fun to do.
    have fun and keep us posted on your work, hugs from Carollyn