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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Non traditional. Told y'all :) it is

Non traditional... Color wave, wool applied to Orenburg stole pattern. Was not kidding, told y'all..

So what is it? Traditional gray or white if it is it's advanced version stole that is geared to train to work large shawls. This simple center was doing one thin only - re-set the knitting hand after knitting larger yarns and stabilize one particular pattern. Get it hardwired.
White is this.Looking for the good name for it. For now it's just code-name flowers stole.
It is training pattern. The stole is knit from bottom up as a wide stole. Simple version can be adjusted to the size by teeth. Stole, small or large shawl is geared to train one thing - the beaded shawl gauge. 
when the item is knit on 2mm needles as this non traditional modern piece it's long and wide. Beaded shawl - smaller gauge-1.2mm needles. and finer yarn. This is the world of training patterns.
It is a 2-way stole. How to name it...


  1. Very beautiful light and airy looking too!

  2. Очень красиво и очень интересная идея - как носить.