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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Orenburg museum exhibition. KAL Russian way

Many if you know that I keep a large backlog of patterns, many of them I’ll have no time in my life to make myself. And many told me, show your Russian empire. Why did I hold on that? Because to get to the shawl like that one needs to be trained and have the hand, gauge, yarn set to get to one of these, and the knitting school needs to be beneficial to get on 1000+ size in fine gauges. And be a dino of sorts when folk stopped doing it because of financial reason was not too much fun to think of it either… royal lace of Russia was gone. I mean it. “WAS”. Because I have now materials and what is most important people to pass this on. It is difficult for me to bring the past of revolution and red terror times.
This is how our conversation with Ekaterina Godovova has started, better to say it was with Irina Bushuhina from Orenburg museum first.This is Russian Empire. the shawl is 3-color or white. over 1000 stitches a row. and if you can do something like that and make it in 2m range I sure want to talk to you as well, because … there are not many of folk has left who are capable of making royal lace of Russia. This shawl is our KAL with Ekaterina this year.
So there was year long KAL Orenburg way going on that I was not talking about. Exhibition in Orenburg museum has opened on 7-th. same day as winter Olympic games :)
Ekaterina and I had a bit of year long KAL. And then she and after that museum folk banged “ok, nuf hiding, send your shawl our way, would you”. So here it is, Cranes went abroad with another stole, bunch of patterns went in form of charts. Entire 4 seasons series in presented on this exhibition. Her students work when she taught at Orenburg school of Arts. She is Olga Fedorova successor. When we talk about Olga students, here is the level of work and that’s how such level represents itself on Orenburg museum level.
this is 4 seasons Autumn in 2 colors
Here is summer in white
and there is a lot more, first floor of the museum is full of it.
When I get feedback like that, I’m humbled
“Лиля, привет! С посылкой все нормально. немного помятая, работы целые. Скажу больше. Мне как - то не ловко за свои работы. Очень бисерная вязка.Ты умница!!! Мне очень приятно от нашего знакомства. Знаешь: ты наверное меня еще многому можешь научить. Я не могу подобрать слов,чтобы описать свои впечатления по поводу твоих работ. белый платок просто вызывает восхищение. А серый палантин : он по плотности вязание крупнее моей вязки. Белый же плотнее моей. в общем я в шоке хорошем и добром , положительном шоке. МОЛОДЕЦ!!!!!!!”
 they put my stuff in masters category. in glass case.
this shawl is 1/4 of Russian Empire. My mother does not like Order of St. George as much as softer cranes version.
Russian empire has Russian royalty regalia and Russian military Orders and medals coded on it.

When Valentina Fedorova is asking to have photo of my work, I’m humbled.
Valentina Fedorova and Roza Gumerova  were the speakers at the exhibition opening

We do not have all the photos all together. but there are some on internet to see, for example doll collection. I did send these dolls from USA and they got new outfits :)
this and more. there is over dozen of them.

Here is a little work video. lace makers get cuts doing household tasks just like everyone else.
Knitting speed falls in this case. there are some kinds of tape that make it more manageable. 'New skin' aka bf6 I do not like that much as it does not stop bleeding and it can end up on white which is not good.
Shawl in the video in work is Cranes. It's 1/4 of Russian Empire. So that's a bit of an answer to the question how do  I knit something like that.


  1. Wonderful post you have and videos too! I love the tiny patterns and the little doll with a shawl on so cute thank you for the post and sharing with the world!
    Keep making lace:) hugs from Carollyn!

  2. What a wonderful experience that must have been. You should be so very proud of your work and the heights you have achieved.

  3. Exquisit lace and an awesome reward for your handwork: in spinning the threads, in knitting them so skillfully, and researching/preserving the patterns. You have a gift and are willing to pas it on, thank you so very much for being willing to teach others in order to keep this Russian tradition alive! the shawls are truly amazing!!!