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Monday, February 17, 2014

Orenburg museum exhibition. More photos

Orenburg museum published more photos in their photo gallery.
Ekaterina Godovova
Exhibit and visitors. the place is packed!
my work
more visitors

Exhibition opening
Ekaterina and her students

Valentina Fedorova and Roza Gumerova at the exhibition
Olyushka element


  1. published here

  2. What a wonderful display of art done so beautifully! Those women with the flowers really deserved them. I am assuming they made the delicate items! Great pictures! from Carollyn

  3. Ой, Лиля, спасибо! Кстати, мне на последнем фото "Олюшка" больше понравилась, чем на фото, которые ты на Раве выкладывала из музея.

  4. Thank you for sharing the pictures, they are great.
    I can recognize some of your work presented there :) Your support to that museum is such a good thing! Thank you for that, Lily!