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Friday, February 17, 2017

Garden season retrospective. Part 3 of N

Chicken it the garden are let to do 2 things:
clean bugs
clean plants that I did not pick.

This is succession planting of tomatoes after peas. Peas are good and dry and tomatoes are coming nicely. Chickens are not interested in tomatoes greens, good thing.

 I think after 2 seasons of testing I like peas more on outer side of the row and I can lay them after the harvest as between the rows mulch/cover
 I like this way better where it was layed and already put under wood chips.
 Here is another type of succession planting after cucumbers were frozen by very late frost.
 Another type of companion planting Currants, garlic, strawberry and alpine strawberry

 Grapes and garlic and strawbery.
 Onions, garlic and strawberry.
Not sure I like walking onions combo

 More companions (sorrel, berries, sunchokes, borrage, garlic and others :))
 Seeds in making. These overwintered... sort of, I just could not get those parsnips out, and boy they made seeds.

Cleaning and


When chickens are not in garden (most of the time) they are outside

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  1. Every thing looks very good and chickens look happy taking care of the garden!