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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Боярышник - Russian buckthorn

I may have that established as transplant after all. Mine is a tiny twig tree because that' how it gets from abroad.
But here is the 'daddy' the tree compared in size to a human
 and the fruit.

not my strawberry production patch. I like strawberries.

the soil in the region is black, naturally, it is like that about 1+ meter deep. or more... they do not exactly know how deed, they did not dig to get lover, it was still black. That soil is the feature of the region. This site is not dig up, but due to the sr. age of the owner now grass and stuff between rws is cleared in the beginning of the season by helpers so the owner does not have that much of a trouble maintaining, it can get to full cover over the season, And the owner likes things very orderly.
this is kind of like when they get the covers cleared between the rows and get new patch in over other crops that were there last year. the green matter living there and overwintered is 'hoed' into the dirt.

they mulch with animal manure and compost, The owner is sr. enough already for them to have difficulty managing leaves and other things. So it' the time when site has developed enough to feed them and have not that much of a maintenance trouble, It looks like they get the covers cleared and plant. at other times they just let covers take over when it's not planted.

they mulch there with compost and manure

 what is not cultivated and left from previous year be looks like so

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